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The phylogeny of Czech hops by Luigi Guarino on July 5, 2015 Long breeding work aimed at fine aroma hops results in high quality aroma aspects, which are used to produce the...
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Reverse Migration - From Yemen to Somalia
After disembarking from the overcrowded boat, vulnerable people receive food and nutrition assistance. WFP’s partners also provide support with transport cost to assist people...
Source: World Food Program News
A look at multi-stakeholder (aka innovation) platforms: From Africa RISING to MilkIT to imGoats to Humidtropics
Image from a series of ‘practice briefs’ to help guide agricultural research practitioners to support and implement innovation platforms (image credit: ILRI/Beniyam Seyoum and Tewodros Girma). This...
Source: ILRI News
Guatemala: For a 3-Year-Old Boy, Food Assistance Can Bring the Treat of a Watermelon Slice
For 3 years old Axel, a watermelon means that his mother had come home with his favorite fruit. For his mother, Juliana, it means that her children despite the severe drought will be...
Source: World Food Program News
Releasing YPARD’s 2014 annual report
Releasing YPARD’s 2014 annual report [News] GFAR is glad to present YPARD’s 2014 annual report. Grasp more about all the YPARD...
Source: GFAR News
Millennium Development Goals 2015
At the beginning of the new millennium, world leaders gathered at the United Nations (UN) to shape a broad vision to fight poverty in its many dimensions. That vision - which became...
Source: World Food Program News
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