Livestock Feeders

Choosing the right livestock feeders to ensure your animals are happily fed is a very important decision. Depending on the type of animals you need to feed, you will need a feeder with certain specifications such as size, shape, durability, and more. To pick the best feeder, it is wise to compare price, brand, and overall reviews for the feeder when selecting a unit that seems to meet your requirements. Some feeders include galvanized steel design, while others are made from durable plastic, metal, or other materials that are good for ensuring long life of your feeding unit. Be sure to do a bit of research before selecting a feeder to make sure you made an educated and well-informed decision.

Top Livestock Feeders

1) Little Giant Fence Feeder

An excellent livestock feeder that is portable, featuring heavy duty clips made from metal for hanging on to any fence necessary. Can be mounted on rails or walls, including capacity of 4 quarts dry.

2) Zenature Livestock Feeder

Useful as a goat, horse, or deer feeder, as well as a general livestock feeder, this unit is compete with pine wood made from white pine. Heavy duty and good-looking.

3) Propel Trampolines Livestock Feeder

Includes an easy to setup and assemble, powder coated frame made from steel. Safe for animals and durable as well. Saves money and feed. The entire unit can fit into a basin for simple storage utility.

4) Brower 2HF Dry Livestock Feeder

Holds roughly 4 bushels, feeding many animals at once. Constructed from galvanized steel, this unit includes a feed saving lip and is great for confinement, with hanging keyhole slots.

5) Miller Livestock Feeding Pans

Includes a crush, crack, and freeze proof design to ensure ideal farm animal feeding and watering. Up to 4 quarters liquid or dry feed, the unit is created from corded rubber for optimal durability and strength.

6) AGI Products Livestock Feeder

A combo grain and hay feeder, this unit is UV stabilized to prevent sun damage. Highly rated and durable.

7) Little Giant Trough Feeder

A good unit for goats and smaller livestock, this feeder is impact resistant and tough, mounting on any area necessary. Includes galvanized steel design.

8) Big Rack Livestock Feeder

Straps to any t post or tree to ensure 50 pounds of feed is easily accessible to livestock at all times. Includes snap on lid.

9) Tuff Stuff Oval Feeder

Recycled materials comprise this heavy duty feeder, which is impact resistant and holds up to 30 gallons of feed.

10) Baby Livestock Feeder from Kane

Kane puts out this baby feeder for young livestock, getting piglets or other small animals to easily wean off mom’s milk. This is a great feeder for small animals due to size and accessibility.

Livestock Feeder Selection Tips

Choosing a livestock feeder can be a difficult task, with a number of different choices available on the market. You’ll have lots of choices, including circular bin feeders, steel feeders, resin feeders, and hay feeders, among other types. Many feeders will allow you to feed multiple animals at once, and depending on the type of animals you wish to feed, the right feeder will vary in terms of shape and size.

To choose the best livestock feeder, try to pick a feeder that is durable, affordable, and generally well-rounded in terms of features and specifications. You’ll have a number of factors to consider, including size, shape, wire attachments, and how the feeder will attach to your animal’s feeding area.

A good way to pick a feeder that will last for many years is to do lots of research beforehand. There are so many different feeders available on the market, and you may only find the best one after trying a few different types. However, it’s a great idea to read some reviews and compare a variety of choices before pursuing a new feeder for your animals.

Types of Livestock Feeders

The primary types of livestock feeders include hay feeders, circular feeders, tray feeders, and plastic feeders. You can also find steel feeders, close bottomed or open bottomed feeders, and wire feeders that attach to the animal’s cage or fence area for those that use such an area for their living quarters.

Additionally, feeders are broken down by the animal breeds and species meant to feed from them. Depending on which animals you’ll be feeding, the feeder may be larger or smaller, and include additional features such as heavy durability or a mane and stick-proof design for horses so they do not become ensnared or trapped in the feeder.

Livestock Feeder Prices

Prices for livestock feeders tend to range from $50-$200, and will cost more the more features you add to the feeder. Depending on the feeder’s overall price structure and affordability, some can be a bit more costly, but still affordable if you have a decent budget allowance. As a major investment for your livestock, selecting a feeder should be done more based on the quality of the feeder itself rather than just how much it costs. However, it is reasonable to pay about $70 for a feeder in general.

Livestock Feeder Brands

The most reputable feeder brands for livestock feeders include Little Giant, Zenature, Brower, and Miller. These brands have been reputably providing livestock feeders for many years, and are well-trusted by cattle and hog owners. To choose the right brand, do a bit of comparison between them until you find the one that seems to best suit your livestock feeding needs.

Choosing the Right Feeder

To select a good feeder, first look at the size of the feeder you will need to comfortable feed all your animals. Second, decide on what type of animals will be using the feeder, such as hogs, horses, or cattle. Many bale feeders will let many animals feed at one time, feasting on hay to their heart’s content. Other bale feeder bins that are round in design will feed up to 24 cattle or horses at once, which is great if you have a number of animals to keep fed at one time.

For cattle feeding specifically, these feeders are quite durable and resistant to the bulls’ heavy weight and strain on the feeders that happen during feeding. Bale feeders for horses that are round are specifically designed this way so that horses won’t rob their manes off, or become stuck in the feeder if they get startled.

Additional Feeder Suggestions

Some livestock feeders can use just about any kind of dry feed you wish to add, but some are hay specific. In choosing hay, you will usually want to pick from ryegrass, orchard grass, brome, timothy, and legume hay, among others. Cereal rain is another type of commonly used hay for livestock. However, timothy is the most common hay that does well in colder climates and will grow early on in the spring. If you live in a warmer area, it can be better to choose Bermuda grass or orchard grass, as these hays tend to do better in warm conditions.

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