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Right blend of policies and support to region’s pastoralists can prevent future crises The time has come to break the "vicious circle" of crises in Africa's Sahel by...
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Result of ICAR's AICE-SRF(PGS)-2014
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Source: Indian Council of Agricultural Research - News
Preventing an Ebola-related food crisis
Oct 22, 2014 by Shenggen Fan (樊胜根) Source: Flickr (UNDP) The following post...
Source: IFPRI News
Brainstorming Session on Constraints in Up-scaling of Watershed Programmes in Rainfed Areas
20 th October 2014, Hyderabad Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture (CRIDA), Hyderabad organized a Brainstorming Session on “Technical and non-technical constraints...
Source: Indian Council of Agricultural Research - News
More than just a talking shop
I suspect that our brief post a couple of weeks back encouraging everybody to follow the fun that assorted genebank managers were having in Arusha may have been a little too short of context to...
Source: Agricultural Biodiversity Weblog
CGIAR Capacity Development Survey Highlights and Comments
In 2014, the CGIAR initiated an open survey to gather comments and input on the draft CGIAR Capacity Development strategy. GFAR – the Global Forum on Agricultural Research welcomed the...
Source: GFAR News
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