Fri. May 7th, 2021

Cattle Feeders

Selecting a well-made cattle feeder is very important to ensure your animals are safely fed and nutritionally sound. The best feeders are often made from steel or durable plastic, to provide a durable and long-lasting feeding trough or bunk feeder. Many feeders also include drainage devices to make sure that water doesn’t collect and stagnate in the area. Be sure to compare price, average review rating, and overall feedback when selecting a feeder for your livestock.

Top 7 Cattle Feeders

1) Behlen Country Cattle Feeder

Including galvanized steel and grill sections for very long life, this cattle feeder includes quick assembly drop rides and is rust free for usage in all conditions. Durable and reliable.

2) Tarter Gate 3 Piece Cattle Feeder

Made in the US, this cattle feeder is highly durable, simple to set up and use, and provides top level protection for cattle as they feed from its interior. Durable, trusty, and long lasting.

3) Trough Cattle Feeder

Including premium powder coat paint for premium usage, this trough cattle feeder stands 14 inches from the ground and includes drain holes for standing water prevention. Trustworthy, reliable, and safe, this unit is extremely well rated and produced by a top cattle feeder manufacturing brand.

4) Rugged Ranch Hay Feeder

Designed from galvanized steel, this unit has a number of rounded, safe edges and will easily attach to wood and pipe corral. Includes high powered, heavy duty construction from steel and will last for many years even under strain.

5) Behlen Bunk Cattle Feeder

Approved by the FDA, this top level and quality feed bunk for cattle includes root molding and full drain openings. Protects against damage from livestock when they get overly aggressive or have trouble staying calm at the feeder.

6) 8 Foot Trough Cattle Feeder

Fourteen inches from the ground, this unit includes powder steel coat paint finish and drain holes to keep water from sitting in the unit. Affordable and long lasting as well as sturdy and durable.

7) 5 Foot Feed Bunk for Cattle

FDA approved cattle fed bunk that is roto molded for protection and includes drain openings. Sturdy and reliable, this unit is smaller but will hold up under duress and still remain usable for many years to come. Can be used as a water tank as well.

Cattle Feeder Selection Tips

Choosing a cattle feeder is very important for making sure that your animals and livestock are well fed and taken care of. Many cattle can be quickly supplied with feed in such a way that they remain healthy for years to come. However, it’s important to choose the best cattle feeder, including feeders made in trough or bunk style depending on your needs.

There are a variety of prices, brands, and selections for cattle feeders, many of which include drains to prevent water stagnation as well. Try to consider all the needs of your animals for feeding, including how many cattle you will need to feed, how frequently, and where they will be feeding in terms of a corral or pen. Many cattle feeders can also double as a water tank in times of need for such a unit. Additionally, the feeder should be durable, long-lasting, and of top quality steel or plastic that will hold up under strain.

Types of Cattle Feeders

The main types of cattle feeders include bunk style feeders, trough feeders, and platform feeders, as well as feeders made in a corral or mounting style. Some feeders can be placed directly in the cattle pen, while others will need to be mounted or pinned to an area such as a fence post or railing. The primary types of cattle feeders are trough and tank feeders, which are most commonly found among those who have many animals to feed at one time.

Cattle Feeder Prices

Prices for low end cattle feeders start around $40, while upper end feeders being $200 or more. The better quality feeders always cost more, typically being made from galvanized steel or polyethylene, which will hold up under duress. To find the best prices for cattle feeders, you might need to do a bit of comparison shopping online until you’ve found a good deal.

Cattle Feeder DIY

You can make your own cattle feeder using basic DIY tips. You will need a blueprint or feeder plan, which can be obtained online at an instructional website. Once you have selected the right plan, you may then move on to the building stage, which requires that you adequately gather materials at a local hardware or lumber store. You might need steel plates, wood, metal, glue, and soldering materials to ensure you can bind each part of the feeder together securely and properly.

Once you have found a good cattle feeder plan, go ahead and begin the construction process. To build your feeder, it is wise to ensure that the unit is safely contained in a garage or construction area to supply adequate power to your building devices (such as saws and power instruments). Once you have isolated the place to build your feeder, go ahead and begin construction using materials acquired from a local hardware store — or online. When you have properly assembled your feeder, test and refine it to make sure it is built according to the blueprint specifications.

Finally, attach your feeder to a fence or post area, if instructed to do so, or simply place it in the area you cattle will be feeding from. At this point, you can safely test it out to make sure your cattle will eat from it without a problem.

Cattle Feeding Tips

When feeding your cattle, try to make their feeding area as comfortable as possible. When cows feel safe, they will more readily feed from the trough and be able to healthfully maintain a good weight and nutrition level. This means making sure the feeder is located in a place away from predators, noise, and other distractions that could cause the cattle to feel scared or skittish.

Additionally, when feeding cattle, it is wise to give them adequate water accommodations nearby. Try to choose a watering unit that is safe to drink from and adequately able to hold up under strain.