Thu. Jun 17th, 2021

Goat Feeders

Goat feeders are very important in making sure your pets and livestock are well feed and nourished at all times. Choosing the right goat feeder is a combination of comparison shopping, research, and careful planning and forethought. You can also build your own feeder from scratch using materials obtained at your local hardware store. The best feeder for your needs will be able to feed all the goats that you are currently keeping, as well as safe, easy to clean, durable, and easy to mount on any wall or fence that you wish to put it under. Many of the best feeders are fairly inexpensive, but the right feeder for your needs should also be highly rated and have a good warranty or return policy in case something goes wrong — or you simply aren’t happy with it.

1) Little Giant Fence Feeder

Including multiple clips to mount to rails or walls, this durable fence feeder is an excellent choice for keeping your goats happy and well fed. Includes a total capacity of 4.5 quarts of liquid, with 4 quarts of dry food. Comes with heavy duty clips made from metal to help hang the feeder.

2) Little Giant Hook Feeder

A hook over style feeder for goats, this impact resistant and tough feeder protects from UV damage and cracks. Made from galvanized steel, the unit includes up to 6 different slots for feeding. Requires some minor assembly.

3) Rugged Ranch Pasture Feeder

Includes heavy duty galvanized steel production and a simple four bolt setup mechanism. Comes with a hay rack and catch bass. Great for goats.

4) Mineral Goat Feeder

Dispenses feed, vitamins, and minerals for goats that includes a tough flex plastic durable design. Can be attached to fence or wall, used as standalone feeder as well. Holds three quarts of dry food or 3.5 wet quarts.

5) Zenature Goat Feeder

Useful for goats as a high quality feeder, this unit is crafted from white pine wood and is durable, safe, and easy to eat from. The manger style feeder makes it simple for goats to access hay and other feed types.

6) Behlen Country 4 Feet Feeder

A trough style feeder, this unit includes a number of drain holes to keep water from stagnating inside the unit. Finished with a special coat paint from premium powder coated paint. Just the right height for goats.

7) Classic 2 in 1 Feeder

A 2 in 1 grain and hay feeder for goats, this unit includes a hook over feature to let you mount the unit anywhere you wish while keeping the pen clean as well. Design is simple and compact, making it easy to set up and keep tidy. Reduces grain waste and keeps goats happy and well-fed.

Goat Feeder Selection Tips

Choosing the right goat feeder is of critical importance to ensure that your animal is happy, well fed, and well nourished. Goats need plenty of hay and grain to ensure top quality of life. The feeder should be easy to clean, simple to maintain, and at an accessible height for goats to feed from. It should also be easy to reach. The right feeder will likely be made from either plastic or galvanized steel, which are two increasingly popular materials in the design and make of goat feeders.

Types of Goat Feeders

The main types of goat feeders include hanging feeders, mounted feeders, trough feeders, and hook over or wall style feeders. Most include hooks or clips that let you attach the feeder to your desired perch area. Since goats are often kept in pens or fences, many feeders allow for this design and are easy to hook over the side of the enclosure.

There are also metal or galvanized steel feeders, self-cleaning feeders, and specific 2 in 1 hay and grain feeders. The best type of goat feeder for your needs will probably include a combination of materials and design incorporations to make sure your goats are well fed and nourished. Most feeders are quite easy to set up, but sometimes require a little bit of assembly before fully being ready to use.

Goat Feeder Prices

Prices for goat feeders tend to range between $20 for the low end single mount feeders to up to $200 or $300 for more expensive larger feeders. Depending on how many goats you need to feed, your unit could end up being more expensive simply due to the number of ports available. The larger the feeder, the more it will cost, as a general rule.

Make Your Own Goat Feeder

You can also make your own goat feeder if you would like to save time and money when it comes to comparison shopping for the right type of feeder. In general, goat feeders can be quite easy to make when you have a good goat feeder plan to follow and can obtain the necessary materials. You will likely need a combination of metal, plastic, clip on holders, handles, wiring, and screws/bolts.

To assemble your goat feeder, start by selecting a good goat feeder plan from one of the available units that are blueprinted online. When you have found the right style of feeder to build, go ahead and find the materials needed to build it at your local hardware store. There are lots of different materials for building goat feeders, though most aren are from durable plastic or galvanized steel. The best materials will be heavy duty, solid, and easy to put together.

When you have gotten all your materials ready, go ahead and follow your blueprint to ensure your feeder is built to specifications. The feeder itself should be balanced and well adjusted on the mounting area to make sure it will stay safe and stable when goats come to feed from it. After you have assembled the unit, test it out to make sure it holds up under pressure during feeding.

Also be sure to select the right kind of feed and grain or hay to add to your feeder. Self-made feeders can be a great choice in terms of saving money, but it’s important to make sure the feed you place inside will be the proper kind so it doesn’t weigh down the feeder or cause damage to the unit.