Thu. Jun 17th, 2021

Hog Feeders

Choosing the right hog feeder requires a bit of research and planning. Once you have found a good hog feeder, your animals will love you — as they intend to feed from this unit for many years to come. There are a number of great hog feeders out there that are also very durable and impact-resistant. To choose the right feeder, it’s wise to know exactly what you are looking for ahead of time, prior to actually shopping online. There are many good feeders on Amazon and other similar online retailers, which can be purchased for a minimal price — and are often backed up by reviews and ratings.

Top 7 Hog Feeders

1) Brower Hog Feeder

This single door hog feeder supplies roughly 1.5 bushels of feed to up to four hogs. Designed to remain weathertight and preventative from rain and other possible hazards. Heavy duty, durable, and long lasting.

2) Miller Single Door Hog Feeder

Including galvanized, durable steel that can be mounted or freely fed to hogs, the unit includes an easy load top door. Comes fully assembled and designed entirely in the US for premium quality.

3) Brower Gro Fast Hog Feeder

Built sturdily to keep out severe weather and hog impact, this unit allows for wide feeding to let hogs eat in comfort and style. The sides of the unit have slide adjustable feed mechanisms to let the hinges cover and drop down against the feeder. Can feed up to twenty hogs at one time.

4) Brower 2HF Dry Hog Feeder

Holding up to 3.6 bushels, this unit is designed from heavy duty steel and includes a feed saving lip. Also has keyhole hang slots and is great for confinement feeding.

5) Miller 2 Door Hog Feeder

Designed to feed 2 hogs, this unit is great for animals as it supplies a full 100 pound feeding area. Sturdy and well designed, the unit receives high reviews and is recommended by farmers.

6) Little Giant Fence Hog Feeder

This unit is designed to be screwed or clipped onto the fence where your hogs eat. Permanently mounted on rail or walls, the unit is designed from high impact plastic and can carry a total of four dry feed quarts. Available in a number of different colors.

7) Dry Lot Hog Feeder

This unit holds up to one and a half bushels of feed and is made from heavy duty galvanized steel. Constructed with a feed saving lip, the unit includes keyhole hang slots. Can feed four hogs at once.

Hot Feeder Selection Tips

Choosing a hog feeder is of critical importance in making sure that your animals are healthy and well-fed. Hogs need premium care and should be fed in such a way that their food stays dry, clean, and safe from contaminants and other materials. A number of hog feeders are made from galvanized steel to ensure that the feeders themselves are heavy duty and able to withstand impact from hogs who may accidentally cause damage to the feeder itself.

When choosing a feeder, it is important to compare price, size, style, make, and overall design and durability of your feeder. Many brands include warranties in case you aren’t happy with your selection, but it’s still a good idea to do some research and preparation beforehand. This will help you to select the best feeder for one, two, or many hogs at your home location.

Types of Hog Feeders

There are a number of hog feeder types including ground feeders, steel feeders, confinement feeders, feeders that have space-saving mechanisms, and feeders meant to be clipped or mounted on a fence.

Most feeders are made from steel, but many types include plastic as a material of construction as well. These feeders usually clip on to the side of a fence post or wall mount to allow easy access to the food by your hogs.

Hog Feeder Prices

Prices for hog feeders tend to range between $50 for low end feeders to about $120, with very good feeders costing as much as $200 in some cases. Depending on the size of the unit and how many animals it will feed, it may cost more but also be worth more in the long run. Many feeders include a number of bonuses such as feed-saving technology and waste management to keep feed disposal to a minimum.

Making Your Own Hog Feeder

To make your own hog feeder at home, you will first need to obtain a blueprint or design to create the feeder itself. This might be a ground feeder, a trough feeder, a fence or wall mounted feeder, or a clip on feeder. You will also need to find good materials at your local construction or home supply store to ensure that you can craft the design in a way that will be durable and long-lasting.

Once you have obtained a good blueprint for your fewer, it is wise to start the assembly. To put together your feeder, start by visiting your local hardware store to get the necessary materials. Then go ahead and start building it according to plan specifications. If you find you need additional materials, these can usually be found online and ordered at minimal cost.

After obtaining all the needed items to build your feeder and constructing it as your plan dictates, go ahead and test the feeder to make sure it is safe for your hogs to use. Many hogs will attempt to feed in a way that puts strain and stress on the feeder, so your design should include material able to handle such impact. There are impact-resistant designs and feeder materials to make sure your hogs don’t do too much damage.

Hog Feeder Tips

When choosing a hog feeder, it’s usually a good idea to know exactly what you want before you start shopping. This will minimize the possibility of feeling as though you aren’t quite getting the right unit. You should know in advance what you’re looking for with regard to price, brand, size, and materials used for the feeder construction. When you have made a solid list and done research to find the best feeder, only then is it right to make a purchase.