Thu. Jun 17th, 2021

Horse Feeders

Choosing a good horse feeder is very important in making sure that your animals are well fed, cared for, and well nourished. Most horses require several pounds of feed per day, as well as hay and grain or fruits and vegetables and needed. Horses also need plenty of water which should be kept accessible to them at all times. To choose the best horse feeder, start by narrowing down your livestock needs in terms of how many horses you need to feed and what location you will set up the feeder. Then, go ahead and compare feeders on sites like Amazon to make sure you narrow down your selection to 2 or 3 top models. When satisfied with you reelections, you can select one feeder that will be able to feed your horses adequately.

Top 7 Horse Feeders

1) Quick Feed Automatic Horse Single Feeder

Using a built in timer that is programmable, this quick feed single horse feeder features 2 double A batteries to provide quick backup for memory and a snapping lock lid. Ideal for all types of horses.

2) Little Giant Fence Horse Feeder

A clip on feeder made from high quality, durable plastic, this unit can be wall or fence mounted and hung on a number of locations. Helps to provide quick and easy feeding access for horses of all sizes and types.

3) Fortiflex Corner Horse Feeder

This unit includes non rusting brass eyelets and cold weather resistance for high powered feeding in trough style. A corner feeder, this unit holds up to six gallons for horses of all types.

4) Little Giant 3 Gallon Rubber Horse Feeder

A unit designed to allow all manner of horses to quickly and easily obtain feed from the unit, this feeder is durable, dependable, and highly workable for any location to feed horses. Rated as a number one bestseller.

5) Fortiflex Fence Feeder

A hook over feeder featuring multiple colors and an easy drop and feed mechanism, this unit is durable, easy to set up, and simple for horses to feed from. Can stack multiple feeders in one area to provide excellent conditions.

6) Wall Mount Combo Horse Feeder

Made from heavy duty materials, this unit ensures that hay is not wasted and hardware is mountable. Made within the US, the unit is great for trailers, corrals, stalls, and other areas. Features design that is easy for horses to feed from.

7) High Country Slow Feeder for Horses

From High Country plastics, this horse feature features an easy assembly and steel feeding grate of keep feed safely inside. The unit is molded with smooth, round edges to make it easy for animals to feed — while also slowing down the feeding process.

Horse Feeder Selection Tips

Choosing a horse feeder requires that you make careful selections in your initial process to choose a number of good units. Some feeders have special features such as steel grating, slowing mechanisms, or over the fence hanging design. Depending on the conditions under which you will need to feed your horses, your design made vary. The best horse feeder will include a unit that is easy to assemble and place wherever is most convenient for your animals, as well as being easy to clean and replace parts if need be.

To choose a horse feeder, start by narrowing down pricing options, overall availability and selection of models, and other factors such as ratings and reviews. When choosing the horse feeder, look at the materials used in construction as well as the overall size and structure of the feeder. These are all important decisions when picking a model that will hold up under difficult weather conditions.

Types of Horse Feeders

The primary types of horse feeders include slowing feeders, steel grated feeders, ground feeders, corner feeders, corral and fence feeders, and feeders that can be post or wall mounted for easy access by your animals. Many horse feeders are made from plastic or steel grating design, and can be easily replaced when parts don’t hold up over difficult strain from animals or weather.

Horse Feeder Prices

Prices for horse feeders tend to range between $80 for smaller units to more than $300 for higher end, good quality designs. The type of feeder you choose will have a combination of good material and quality, a good warranty, reviews that are positive, and overall high construction and durability. Expect to pay on average about $120-$150 for a good sized feeder.

How to Make Your Own Horse Feeder

To make your own horse feeder at home, you will need to start by obtaining a blueprint online or at a local livestock store. The horse feeder blueprint must include design specifications, instructions, and the materials needed to build the unit. Once you have found an acceptable blueprint, it’s time to start collecting materials from a local hardware store or online. You may need a combination of steel, plastic, clips, wire, and glue to make sure that the feeder is fully durable and safe for horses to feed from.

Horse Feeding Tips

In general, when feeding horses, try to position the feeder in a way that is easy for them to reach — but that will also force them to eat slowly. Some feeders include slowing mechanisms such as a special grate on top to keep horses from eating too fast by taking out took much hay at one time. It’s best to place the feeder somewhere warm and dry, so that your horses will be comfortable while eating and can feel safe and nurtured. Many horses thrive under such conditions, where they are well-kept and cared for.

Additionally, try to feed your horses hay and grain that will provide optimal nutrition. The best horse feed may be obtained based on breed, size, and gender of your horses, as well as their weight and age — and exercise conditions, such as racing horses vs. livestock horses. The conditions under which your horse will mainly be carrying out its daily activities play a big part in determining the right feeder and type of feed to be given to your horses throughout the day.