Fri. May 7th, 2021

Rabbit Feeders

Finding a good rabbit feeder for your pets is an important part of making sure they are always healthy and nutritionally sound. A good feeder should be durable, secure, and long lasting, providing daily food to your rabbits. The feeder should also be easy to attach to the cage wherever you wish, so that it’s easy for your pet to reach but also easy for you to supply food to the rabbits inside. When you have found a good feeder, you’ll know, since it will be affordable, durable, and long-lasting even under repeated cleanings and uses by your pets.

To choose the right feeder, start by comparing a few different units until you have narrowed down the best by price, reviews and ratings, and overall design and material craftsmanship.

Top 7 Rabbit Feeders

1) Little Giant 7 Inch Rabbit Feeder

Made from galvanized steel, the Miller Little Giant rabbit feed remeasures seven inches and securely attaches to your hutch. Ideal for small animals and particularly rabbits, this unit includes a lid to keep feed safe and dry.

2) Bunny Wonder Rabbit Feeder

Including galvanized steel design, this rabbit feeder is intended to allow timothy hay and pellet food — and to require less refilling than other feeders. Inexpensive, easy to attach to the cage, and crafted from top quality materials.

3) Kaytee Bin Feeder for Rabbits

Connecting straight to a wire cage, this design keeps dust from getting into food and is made form high quality, durable material. Will last for many years while providing rabbits all the food necessary for them to stay healthy.

4) Hay and Food Bin Feeder

Including a large bin feeder combo design, this feeder allows food to be dispensed with no mess at all. Keeps hay and food supplied through organized, tidy area. Great for rabbits.

5) Prevue Small Rabbit Pet Feeder

Made for rabbits, this unit includes movable hooks to keep the feeder placed singly against outside or inside of feeder. Provides high quality metal to hold plenty of food for bunnies.

6) Lixit 2 in 1 Feeder

The base of this feeder can be easily reversed to let animals use it for both food or water. Includes wide mouth cleaning container to make this feeder easy to wipe out and get free of grime and debris. Holds up to five cups of feed.

7) Rite Farm Galvanized Steel Feeder

Including built in hangers, this unit comes straight from the company producing it and includes a six inch sifter feeder with lid. The width is meant to fit right into your cage with no problem.

Rabbit Feeder Selection Tips

Choosing a rabbit feeder is one of the most important selections you’ll make as a pet owner. Rabbits need a clean, simple to access, and well-designed feeder that will keep their hay and pellets in optimal condition. To make sure your bunny has easy access to good quality food at all times, it is vital to have a good rabbit feeder.

Picking a rabbit feeder requires a few important aspects, including price, design, make, materials, and overall brand and reviews. To choose a good feeder, it’s wise to do a bit of research beforehand so you can make sure you’re making a well informed purchase. The best feeders will include a design that is simple to use, easy to clean, and easy to place anywhere on the cage — as well as durable and long lasting.

Types of Rabbit Feeders

The main types of rabbit feeders are 2 in 1 feeders that supply both hay and pellets, or food and water, as well as galvanized steel feeders and cage-attachable feeders. These units can be easily added to a cage door or side area to make sure the rabbit has easy access to food at all times. There are also hay specific feeders and feeders that dispense only pellets.

Rabbit Feeder Prices

Rabbit feeders start at quite a low price, being only about $7 or $8 for a decent feeder made from steel or plastic. The higher end cost for a rabbit feeder is about $20-$30 for added features such as self-cleaning, hay dispensing areas, and other added bonuses to make it easy for bunnies to eat. A good feeder will allow your pet to easily reach food and water at all times while remaining in good health and nutritional state.

How to Make Your Own Rabbit Feeder

You can also make your own rabbit feeder if you choose, which gives you the opportunity to add or remove features that don’t seem especially helpful or necessary. The best way to do this is to select from a number of available plans or blueprints online and then choose the feeder type that seems most appropriate to your rabbit. You might pick a steel design, a plastic feeder, or a two in one hay and pellet feeder to let your bunny have both types of nutrition.

When you have selected a good blueprint for your feeder, go ahead and begin to assemble the necessary materials for building. These include steel, metal, plastic, wire, wood, and glue or adhesives — as well as clips to ensure the unit can be secured to the wire cage. By selecting your materials, you’ll be able to build the feeder from the ground up.

After choosing your materials, follow the blueprint according to specifications to make sure your feeder is properly constructed. When finished, test the feeder out on your rabbit’s cage or hutch to make sure it works well and functions as intended without falling off or making a mess. When you are satisfied with your feeder, you can allow your rabbit to use it daily.

Feeding Rabbits Tips

When feeding rabbits, it’s wise to supply both timothy hay and pellets to give your bunny the chance to easily access both kinds of food. This will give him or her the proper nutritional level — as hay typically provides important nutrients that cannot be gained simply from pellet feeding. If given the choice, rabbits will usually pick hay since it tastes better and is fresher, though less dense in calories than pellets. For this reason, pellets should be given more sparingly as a supplement rather than primary source of rabbit food.