Thu. Jun 17th, 2021

Sheep Feeders

Finding the right sheep feeder is a combination of research, planning, and organization. You will need to know exactly how best to feed your sheep in terms of the unit’s durability (if you have multiple sheep, all feeding form the same unit) as well as pricing and mounting structure. Some feeders are meant to be hung over the side of a pen, while others are easily attached to an enclosure or wooden fence post. The best type of feeder will be easily accessible by your sheep as well as generally easy to adjust and change until you have come up with a satisfactory arrangement for your sheep’s needs.

Once you have selected a good sheep feeder, be sure to compare reviews and ratings to make sure that it is a plan that will hold up under weather considerations and overall wear and tear. Many sheep feeders are constructed from galvanized steel, which is a heavy duty material intended to be capable of weathering even the most difficult conditions imposed by sheep, rain, snow, and other factors. To find the best sheep feeder for your needs, make sure to plan for external conditions that might affect the wear and tear of your unit.

Top 7 Sheep Feeders

1) Rugged Ranch Sheep Feeder

Made from galvanized steel, this unit is made for sheep and designed using heavy duty construction materials. Includes simple 4 bolt assembly and pre galvanized catch basin, as well as a hay rack.

2) Little Giant Hook Over Trough for Sheep

Includes a universal mounting structure and included hardware for small assembly. Impact resistant and made form high density polyethylene, this unit protects against damage and fray from continued use by sheep to feed.

3) Sheep Fence Feeder With Clips

Includes high impact plastic polyethylene make that can be wall or rail mounted with staples for fencing. Also available in a number of colors, this unit includes up to four quarts of dry food.

4) Classic 2 in 1 Feeder

Including a grain and hay combination feeder, this unit includes mounted hook over features for being placed on a fence or enclosure. Keeps grain and hay waste to a minimum while including a compact space saving design.

5) Behlen Country 4 Feet Trough Feeder

Including premium coat paint powder design, this sheep feeder is 14 inches off the ground, perfect for livestock feeding. Includes standing water drain holes to prevent stagnation.

6) Premier Hay Feeder for Sheep

Hot dip galvanized and including a wire feeder, this heavy duty unit keeps adult sheep from taking out too much hay at one time. Added holes on the hay feeder bottom lets lambs eat feed with their mothers.

7) V-Med Grain Hay Feeder

Great for sheep, this unit is made from galvanized steel rods and keeps your sheep well fed at all times. Won’t need a grain/hay feeder separation as this unit combines both in an effective, waste-preventing way.

Sheep Feeder Selection Tips

Choosing the right sheep feeder is very important, as your sheep will be eating from this unit for many years to come. It’s wise to compare prices and overall structures of different feeders to make sure you choose the one that is ideal for your specific sheep feeding needs. You might be looking for a grain hay feeder combination, or might simply need one without the other. Additionally, you might want to choose a feeder that feeds both lambs and adult sheep.

The important thing to keep in mind is that price and size play a role in determining the best feeder. Many feeders made from high quality galvanized steel may cost a bit more, but end up being better in the long run due to their heavy construction and durability. Other feeders may include waste saving mechanisms that keep hay from spilling out and being lost. You can also build your own sheep feeder using a basic blueprint and construction materials obtained at a local hardware store.

Types of Sheep Feeders

The main types of sheep feeders are ground and trough feeders. There are also fence feeders, mounted feeders, and feeders that clip on to the side of the pen or enclosure. You can build your own feeder or purchase a pre-built one online. There are also plastic and metal feeders, so the best construction material will depend on how many sheep you’re feeding.

Sheep Feeder Prices

Prices for sheep feeders tend to range between $30-$150 on average. A decent feeder will probably cost around $100, with galvanized steel make and the ability to clip or mount to a fence. Steel is more expensive to construct which results in the higher pricing requirement. However, these feeders also tend to hold up well and last a long time, making them worth the price.

How to Make Your Own Sheep Feeder

To make your own sheep feeder, you simply need to find the right blueprint or sheep feeder plan for your needs. This can be done by browsing online until you find a feeder that seems adequate in terms of size, price, and overall construction. A good blueprint should tell you exactly how to construct the unit so as to make it well-built, sturdy, and able to withstand ongoing feeding on a daily basis.

Many sheep feeder blueprints will tell you exactly which materials you will need to obtain, and how to construct your feeder for optimal durability as well. When you have found the right plan, it’s time to start constructing. To do this, you’ll need to make a trip to the local hardware store or obtain your materials online. You will probably need a combination of clips, steel plating, wood, wire, and an adhesive or soldering material of some kind.

When you have fully assembled the unit, go ahead and mount it to your pen or enclosure to make sure you have a fully functioning sheep feeder. You may need to make adjustments at this stage to ensure that the unit is secure and safe for animals to eat from. When satisfied with your sheep feeder built at home, go ahead and fill with the right kind of feed designed for the unit.